The SSR-marker database includes data on a wide set of olive cultivars. There is the possibility to query for cultivars corresponding to a specific data profile or, on the contrary, to search for the variety identity when a profile is available.
Data refer to the following microsatellite (SSR) loci:
- DCA1, DCA3, DCA7, DCA8, DCA9, DCA11, DCA15, DCA16, DCA17, DCA18 (Sefc et al., 2000);
- GAPU89 (Carriero et al., 2002);
- UDO12 (Cipriani et al., 2002).
For each locus, allele size of both alleles is provided, expressed in base pairs. In case of homozygosis, both values are equal.


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DCA3 allele 1
DCA3 allele 2
DCA5 allele 1
DCA5 allele 2
DCA7 allele 1
DCA7 allele 2
DCA9 allele 1
DCA9 allele 2
DCA13 allele 1
DCA13 allele 2
DCA14 allele 1
DCA14 allele 2
DCA15 allele 1
DCA15 allele 2
DCA16 allele 1
DCA16 allele 2
DCA17 allele 1
DCA17 allele 2
DCA18 allele 1
DCA18 allele 2
UDO043 allele 1
UDO043 allele 2
GAPU71B allele 1
GAPU71B allele 2
GAPU101 allele 1
GAPU101 allele 2
GAPU103 allele 1
GAPU103 allele 2
EMO90 allele 1
EMO90 allele 2


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